Testogen Testosterone Booster Review

I have been checking out the various types of testosterone boosters that are out there to see what really testogen-bottleworks. In my research, I have come across the product known as Testogen. This is my review and understanding of what the product is, what is can do and who should try to use it.

Once you have learned what I have about it, you can decide for yourself if this is the right product to help you or your significant other.

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What is Testogen?

First of all, let me tell you what Testogen actually is. This remarkable product is an all natural supplement that is safe for virtually all healthy men to take. It contains a unique combination of ingredients that are designed to help men with their low testosterone levels.

Unlike the treatments that you commonly hear advertised on television and the radio, the ingredients in this product are natural, not man-made chemicals that have been designed by the pharmaceutical industry. These ingredients have been combined in very specific amounts in order to maximize the production of testosterone in the human male body.

Who is This Supplement For?

Testogen is safe for practically any man to take although it is designed specifically to assist those who are suffering from low testosterone levels. This is because after we reach our mid-twenties, the hormone production in our bodies change.

This can be exacerbated by certain lifestyle choices. Low testosterone production causes fatigue, an inability to bulk up muscle mass and more. In fact, without it, your libido goes out the window! I certainly did not like that side effect, and I am sure that you don’t either!

How Does Testogen Work?

As you might know, testosterone is an important hormone in the body. The production of this hormone is influenced by a variety of things, including the things that you ingest. With Testogen, we have a medication that is all natural and safe to take that helps by stimulating the production of testosterone.

This means that you do not have to worry about taking hormones, which can be quite dangerous. Instead, Testogen provides the correct vitamins, minerals and lesser-known, all-natural supplements needed to promote natural T production. This means there are no worries about overdosing because the body will only create the appropriate levels with Testogen.

Ingredients Formula

The formulation in Testogen includes eight different ingredients in very specific amounts. ‘

D-aspartic acid. This is an amino acid, which I learned back in high school are essential to good health. It helps in the production of luteinizing hormones. While that amino acid is great for boosting your metabolism and libido, there is more to Testogen than that!

Fenugreek – which is a well-known antioxidant that has been used for centuries to enhance libido. It increases strength and vitality, which is why it is included in the Testogen mix.

Ginseng – Although this ingredient has been used in the east for centuries, ginseng has only recently made it to the western world. It is an aphrodisiac that provides a strong sense of vitality. It aids in sexual performance and satisfaction while also providing the energy for intensive mental and physical workouts.

Selenium – presenting itself in the form of sodium selenite in the Testogen product. It is an antioxidant, meaning it helps to cleanse your body. If you are experiencing problems with your blood pressure, this can aid in your treatment efforts as well as help your energy levels.

Zinc gluconate – abundant in oysters, a well-known aphrodisiac around the globe. This is a water soluble mineral that is easily shed during activity, making is essential to replace regularly. Not only does it help with general cellular function, zinc is responsible for sexual vitality and healthy sperm.

Vitamins D and B are both essential to good health and are included in this testosterone supplement. The B provides energy and boosts metabolism as well as serotonin production. As for D3, it boosts testosterone levels and reduces the conversion of existing testosterone to estrogen. Both of these vitamins need to be taken regularly to maintain proper levels of testosterone in the body.

Devil’s Claw or Tribulus Terrestris is the final ingredient. Hailing from the desert, the steroidal saponin in it aids in testosterone production, muscle creation and healthy reproductive tissues


My spouse and I found the results of this testosterone booster quite promising. Because it uses all natural ingredients that have been proven safe for cultures everywhere, we are happy with what we have learned about it.

Testogen Side Effects

While there are some side effects, these are typical. The reason is that the older a man is and the worse his health, the more likely the body is to have reactions to change. On top of that, genetic weaknesses can leave some folks predisposed to side effects more than others.

Conclusion and Verdict

In conclusion, this appears to be a good testosterone booster that has helped a lot of men to regain their vitality. I personally like it and I think that you will too. You can give it a try, if you don’t like it, ask for your money back. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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