Spartagen XT Testosterone Booster Review

I do take testosterone boosters myself, and I am passionate about them because they have helped me spartagen_xtin certain situations that I cannot elaborate. Spartagen XT is a testosterone booster that I have seen in an infomercial, ads and billboards; and decided to try it myself. This review is based on everything I came to learn about this product and how it performed based on my experience.

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What is This Product Anyway?

Being an herbal based supplement, Spartagen XT is a nutritional supplement which claims to raise free testosterone level in the body. It does also claim that it boosts libido and offers other health benefits.

Therefore, this is a supplement that supports the male sex drive for men who are suffering from the symptoms of Andropause. Just like the female Menopause, this is a condition that causes several different concerns, which include:

•    low sex drive
•    lack of sexual energy
•    a general decline in sexual and athletic performance

The product is manufactured by Edge Bioactives which is a fairly reputable company that shows this product on their official website. The website itself is informative, containing a full FAQ page, testimonials and successful stories from their customers. All contact information is provided by the manufacturer, and they offer prospective customers a free 14-day trial.

Who is This Supplement Made For?

Spartagen XT has been designed for older gentlemen, who are experiencing the side effects and signs of Andropause which mainly affects all men who are 45 years or older. The decline in stamina, sexual performance, and energy in men is caused by a decrease in male hormones. The decline in male hormones mainly occurs due to age.

How Does Spartagen XT Work?

Product manufacturers claim that this product works by increasing free testosterone levels. What does this mean? It simply implies that the supplement will help your body to produce natural male hormones. In other words, unlike many other chemical based testosterone boosters, this natural booster will give your body all nutrients needed to make your body perform as it used to.


This product has the following ingredients:

•    Vitamin D
•    Vitamin E
•    Vitamin B6
•    Magnesium
•    Zinc

All of the above are essential nutrients a body needs so that cell communication, muscle growth, and cardiovascular health can be improved. They generally play a huge role in the general fitness and overall well-being. They help to regulate energy levels, mood and play a prominent role in testosterone regulation in men (Sources: and

    Proprietary Testosterone Activation Stack (Tongkat Ali Extract and Tribulus Extract)

Tongkat Ali and Tribulus extracts play a very big role in boosting testosterone. Tongkat Ali is an herbal ingredient that binds to globulin. This will stop globulin from binding to free testosterone. This will allow you to use testosterone more freely. It does also increase semen production. Tribulus Terrestris does boost a body’s natural production of testosterone (sources: and

•    Proprietary Sex Drive Amplification Matrix (Asian Ginseng Extract, Maca, Butea Superba Extract)

All the above herbs offer sex drive amplification matrix. Asian Ginseng extract is sometimes known as herbal Viagra. The Maca is a herb from Peru, which has a long history in traditional medicine. It does prevent the body from converting testosterone into estrogen. It has also increased sperm count and boosts libido. It generally helps maintain a person’s overall balance of hormone production. Butea Superba extract functions as an aphrodisiac (source:

User Results

Many people have reported that this product does work. The provided their success stories, which I found moving. Below are few success stories you should read.

    Roy Said:

“Nobody likes getting old but the worst is when you not only feel it, but your partner begins to feel it too. I just was not in my usual self anymore. Before I was too tired to even have sex. Going to the gym to workout was a problem because I felt like I had no energy. I also began to notice my body changing which made me very worried. However, this product helped me very much and my body is improving and I feel like a man again. Every man going through such an experience should try it.”

•    Josh Said:

“I was skeptical at first, but it didn’t take long to feel like my old self again. At 54, I’ve never looked and felt better. As a single man, I feel more confident and energized to go out and get what I want.”

Side Effects

This product does not offer any side effects. This is because this product is fully herbal.

What I like about Spartagen XT

There are many things I like about this product. First of all, unlike many testosterone boosters, all ingredients are listed. It does also have a 14-day trial and is completely safe to use.

What I didn’t like about Spartagen XT

There are also few things I did not like about this product. One being that they are only available online. In other words, you can only buy them online. The formula does not contain Prosexual Nutrients.

Conclusion and Verdict

In my results, Spartagen XT seemed to work for me. I was pleased too because my muscles became lean and began to lose fat easily. I was truly impressed by this product. I truly recommend this product to every man who is going through Andropause or experiencing its symptoms.

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