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Welcome to Best Test Booster Reviews. I take testosterone boosters myself and am pretty passionate about them so have put together some information below that I think you will find very useful. Testosterone boosting supplements can be great products if used correctly. However, there are a lot of shady products on the market so it pays to be careful and do a lot of thorough research before buying.

Below you will find my top test boosters. Below that you will find more information on the benefits of testosterone boosters, how they work and what to look for in a good product.




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Are Testosterone Boosters for You?

It really depends on your circumstances and what your goals are.

For men over the age of 30 who either know they have low testosterone or are seeing some of the symptoms of falling testosterone levels, test booster supplements provide a great natural, cheap and safe alternative to testosterone replacement therapy. The symptoms of decreasing T levels include lethargy, weight gain, decrease in sex drive, loss of muscle mass, mood swings, and even osteoporosis.

If you are displaying any of the above symptoms and you suspect you have low T, you should definitely see your doctor first. Test Boosters can be a great first step to try and fix the problem naturally however they are not as powerful as TRT and you may need to consider replacement if the supplements aren’t working for you.

For guys under the age of 30, you really shouldn’t need to be taking testosterone boosters at all. If you suspect you have low T then see your doctor, however, it is very rare among men in their 20’s.

Muscle Building and Working out – If you are planning on using testosterone boosters for building muscle, they can be a great supplement if you have lower than normal levels of testosterone. If you already have healthy testosterone levels, then these supplements won’t do a lot for you in the gym. Be sure to get your levels tested and compare them against this chart based on your age range to see if you should use test boosters.

The Seven Components of a Good Booster:

  1. Must Contain D-aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the brain. It helps to regulate the amount of testosterone that is produced by the body. Basically, the more d-aspartic acid that you have, the more testosterone your body will produce. This has been proven again and again in clinical trials, which is why DAA is widely considered one of the top natural test boosters out there.

In one study, a group of 23 men saw their testosterone levels rise by a whopping 42% after just 12 days of taking 2.66 grams of d-aspartic acid daily (study).

  1. Magnesium

Most men actually have a magnesium deficiency due to the fact we do not eat nearly as much leafy greens such as spinach as we used to (leafy greens are rich sources of Magnesium). So it’s really a Magnesium deficiency that could be causing your low testosterone levels. If you do have a deficiency, offsetting this will significantly increase your testosterone levels.

In one study, a group of athletes experienced a massive increase in testosterone levels of 23% from just 10mg of Magnesium supplementation a day over the course of four weeks (

  1. Zinc

A study was conducted where a group of 10 wrestlers supplemented with 3mg of zinc per kg per day. Another 10 were given a placebo. Over the course of four weeks, they all undertook the same strenuous activities and training. At the end, the group who supplemented with zinc had significantly higher testosterone levels that the group who took the placebo (

The same study was reproduced with 10 young men, the main difference being that they did not exercise. Again, the group who supplemented with Zinc reported significantly higher testosterone levels than those who did not (

The evidence is quite conclusive that Zinc deficiencies lead to low testosterone levels in men and supplementing with zinc can help to return testosterone production to normal levels .

  1. Must Contain Vitamin D3

According to this study, when a group of 200 men took 3,332 IU of vitamin D daily for one year they saw an average increase in T levels of 25%.

Another study shows that men with sufficient and healthy levels of Vitamin D have significantly higher levels of testosterone than those with Vitamin D deficiencies (


  1. Has established record of proven results among users

I wanted to find a testosterone booster that was well proven among users. It should have been around for at least a few years and have lots of specific and truthful reports of positive results from people who had actually used the product. I also looked for any negative reports to see if anyone was having a bad experience with each product.

  1. Complete safety record – zero reports of side effects among users

Again, I was looking for positive reports as well as any negative ones. I wanted to see that each product was completely safe and there were no reports of side effects from consumers. I also analyzed the ingredients formula of each product to make sure that all the ingredients used were Ok and the dosage levels were within a safe range.

I actually found that some products contained unsafe ingredients such as DHEA which has been proven as harmful and is actually banned in Australia and New Zealand. I would stay away from anything containing DHEA, I have not included any products with this ingredient or any other unsafe ingredients on my website.

  1. Reasonably priced for what it does

I wanted to find the best value for money. Testosterone boosters that first and foremost are powerful and safe but I also considered pricing and value.


The Quick and Dirty on My Top Brands

  1. Prime Malebest testosterone booster reviews
  • Contains 1600mg of D-aspartic acid, 100mg of Magnesium, 5000IU of Vitamin D3, 30mg of Zinc.
  • Basically, that’s all the most potent natural testosterone boosting ingredients contained in effective but safe dosages.
  • Lots of great testimonials online and specific results from users.
  • No reported side effects that I could find

Only sells through their official website:


  1. TestoFueltestofuel
  • Top supplement for guys looking to increase testosterone in order to build muscle.
  • Contains 2300mg of D-aspartic acid, 200mg of Magnesium, 5000IU of Vitamin D3, 10mg of Zinc.
  • The higher levels of D-aspartic acid and magnesium make it great for muscle growth
  • The online user results checked out
  • No negative side effects have been reported

Again, only sells through their own website

I hope you have enjoyed this buyers guide. Be sure to check out all of my best testosterone booster reviews for more information on each individual product.